Civil service law

Civil service law is a special area of ​​law, the practice of which requires specialist knowledge of (sector) specific regulations and a good sense of official and political relationships. Smidswater lawyers has that specialist knowledge in-house. Fleur van Bree and Cecile Bonnier have been involved in advising and litigating in the field of public employment law for years.

The introduction of the Civil Service Legal Position Normalization Act as of January 1, 2020 had as a consequences that a large group of civil servants have come under civil employment law. However, this does not result in complete alignment: differences remain in existence between civil servants and ‘regular’ employees.

In particular in the non-statutory schemes for unemployment and disability differences remain between the position of employees in the public sector and employees in the private sector. However, nothing has changed for a large group of civil servants (for example for civil servants in the police and the judiciary).

You can contact us for all issues in the field of civil service law, such as appointment and employment conditions, dismissal, integrity issues, disciplinary measures and performance processes.